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  • It Aint Misbehavin but it’s Close – Christopher Doyle

    Christopher K. Doyle is a singer-songwriter from a small town nestled on the banks of the Potomac River. The songs on his first album Harlequin Road are meant to echo, extend, and comment on the characters, moods, and moments in his first novel Purchase, which is based on the origins of country music.

  • Hear Me Mr. Honey – Rivky Gee

    Rivky Gee is a self taught painter and writer whose works have been exhibited and sold to well known collectors, like Karl Hagberg, Sheila and James Gray, former president of Macy’s. Her essays have been selected for various publications like, Harvard’s literary magazine, The Mighty, Coffin Bell Journal, among others, including a scholarship award for…

  • Fable – Kathleen McGuire

    Kathleen McGuire resides in Denver Colorado with her husband and son. She has been writing and recording music for a decade, fronting several bands. “Fable” is a song by her most recent musical project, Team Callahan.

  • Patchwork Guilt – Elspeth Tremblay

    Elspeth Tremblay is an Australian singer-songwriter and musician, known for her pared-down songwriting style in the folk music genre. Following the success of her debut release Return (2014), Elspeth toured the U.S, Australia, and Canada, where she now calls home. Elspeth is currently recording a new album, set for release in early 2020.

  • real? – Scumbag Kalat & Jonny Soda Pop

    Scumbag Kalat is the stage name for Richmond musician and writer, Eric Kalata. He has released one EP under this pseudonym, alongside scattered singles on Soundcloud, but has been actively working with other musicians in the scene for years. You should expect his debut LP in early 2020. real? is from the summertime shy EP,…

  • Lox & Pigskin – Benji Katz

    My papa told me schvartzes         give themselves a bad name when they dance in the end zone,          I said When´s the last time you saw a Jewish man make it there?          If he had maybe he´d dance the horah & grumbling fans who…

  • Meet Me in the Middle – Peter Maybarduk

      Meet Me in the Middle   Peter Maybarduk is a songwriter and public interest lawyer based in Washington, D.C.  Maybarduk’s three albums and six singles deliver richly-arranged alternative pop with eloquent lyrics, melding indie with classical and international elements. Metro Music Scene calls Maybarduk’s third album A Ring Around the Atlantic a “thought¬fully written…

  • The Lamppost / / Mandy Pennington

    Runner up of 2015 Fall Contest