Beat of the Tye – Tony Tennyson

Tony Tennyson is an LA-based musician and composer whose musical roots originated in his home state of South Florida. At the age of three, Tony displayed an ear for music that transcended fascination to an all-consuming passion. Before he could speak fluently, he was formulating rhythmic beats and sounds on his toy drums. He developed an ear for music and could replicate what he heard on drums and eventually on piano. Tony’s musical tastes were shaped by his parent’s diverse playlist that spanned various genres of music but most influential to him was the music and composition of Quincy Jones, Stevie Wonder, and Earth, Wind & Fire. Tony furthered honed his God-given gift by playing the drums and piano at church where he became known as a young maestro whose talents landed him a music scholarship at Florida A&M University. Tony’s lifelong love affair with music has contributed to numerous music and film projects and most recently he was the 2017 recipient of the “Outstanding Theme Music” award at Sony Studios in Los Angeles, Ca. An accomplished pianist and percussionist, Tony has found passion in music production and composition.