Meet Me in the Middle – Peter Maybarduk


Meet Me in the Middle

Meet me in the middle darling, meet me in the cold
And let your sadness go.
Meet me in the middle darling, play another note
We could come on home.

No one takes a ride up the Eiffel Tower tonight.
No one takes a ride; we will argue all night.
No one takes our side
At the fault between
Your life and mine.

So meet me in the middle darling, meet me in the cold
Bring your sorrow.
We will find a warm place, a pageant of our own
With the river Seine below.

No one takes a ride in the Eiffel tower tonight.
No one takes your side; no one gives up being right.
In our sleepless night
Still I wait, still I wait I
Wait for our life.

So meet me in the middle darling, read the lines I wrote
I meant every note.
Meet me in the middle darling; before we get too old
And we could come on home.

I dream of a place
We meet in peace.
Still I wait
For the person I believe
You can be.
Still I wait, still I wait.


Peter Maybarduk is a songwriter and public interest lawyer based in Washington, D.C. 

Maybarduk’s three albums and six singles deliver richly-arranged alternative pop with eloquent lyrics, melding indie with classical and international elements. Metro Music Scene calls Maybarduk’s third album A Ring Around the Atlantic a “thought¬fully written and orchestrated … power pop showcase,” endowed with “relentlessly catchy hooks.” On Atlantic, Maybarduk, producer J. Robbins (Office of Future Plans; Jawbox) and a collection of stellar musicians arrange cello, piano and talking drums with rock instruments and field recordings from around the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. DC Music Live compliments the record’s “complex and interesting … lovely variety of songs,” while Rocktober Magazine says, “Should be named Peter MayBe-A-Genius! Lovely!” The album’s closing track, The Great State of Maine, was a finalist in the Mid-Atlantic Song Contest.

Maybarduk was born in Mexico City on the 4th of July to an American diplomat and a social worker. He directs the Access to Medicines and Knowledge Economy group at consumer advocacy organization Public Citizen, working with civil society organizations and public programs in dozens of countries to challenge corporate power, make medicines affordable and secure the benefits of science, technology and culture for all. Maybarduk studied technology law at the University of California at Berkeley and anthropology at the College of William & Mary, and is presently a visiting fellow at the Information Society Project at Yale Law School.