Lullaby Firefly – Michele Villetti

Michele Villetti‘s music is inspired by an extraordinary story, which sees himself protagonist of an extraordinary approach to four wild foxes. It is a journey through world music, ambient and pop sounds, following his myths, such as Peter Gabriel, Thomas Newmann, Brian Eno and many others. Villetti conceives his solo music, being multi-instrumentalist, and this year his new album “the genius back to earth” was released in the main web stores and in the Jazzit magazine in all the newsstands of Italy (the six pages are attached) also an interview on this magazine was best seller on amazon in January and February), which is dedicated to this wonderful experience.
In the third act MANIFESTATION we find the track “FIREFLY’S LULLABY” which represents the strength of a hope which, born out of a dim light of a firefly, brings us back to the realization of “ALIVE”. Alive speaks to the theme of life, the “here and now”, and to the fact that in life you can improve and literally be reborn.