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Mission Statement

The Scriblerus seeks writing and art that explore the human experience with honesty and authenticity. Spirituality permeates our experiences and is therefore an inherent element in our art. We look for unique work that will connect on a personal level, provoke reflection about our own lives, and linger in the viewer’s mind after reaching the end. Your work need not have tidy Sunday School answers or easy resolutions to be published; struggles, complexity, and ambiguity are part of the human experience, too. Please send original, previously unpublished work. We accept simultaneous submissions, but ask that you notify us immediately if your work is accepted elsewhere. The Scrib desires to provide authentic art and writing while maintaining Christian values. Any artist or writer might need to portray a variety of beliefs and worldviews to accurately represent the diversity of our world. The Scrib draws the line at work that doesn’t show clear respect for the basic tenets of the Christian faith. The topic of sexuality is not off-limits, but we don’t publish graphic sexual content or work that condones sexual activity outside marriage. Swearing should be artistically essential, if used.

The Scriblerus is a publication of Greenville University in Greenville, Illinois. For more information on our guiding principles, please review Greenville University’s Core Values.

About Greenville University

Your life will change when you get here. For the better. For a life of character and service. For Christ. We are a four-year, Christian university that provides a quality liberal arts education for over 1600 traditional, adult degree-completion and graduate students. We were founded in 1892 in Greenville, Illinois, about 45 miles outside of St. Louis, and are affiliated with the Free Methodist Church. But what makes Greenville University  truly different is its amazing community of students, professors and staff. The stories, music, laughter and work our community creates is top-notch. The experiences you will have here will change your life.

Meet Our Staff

HM (1)


Hannah Marshall’s poems have appeared or are forthcoming in New Ohio

Review, The Madison Review, Anglican Theological Review, Chiron Review,

and others. In addition to her work as advising editor of The Scriblerus, she

also works at the local public library and as a poetry editor for South 85.


Shelbi is a student at Greenville University majoring in Media Communications

and English with a minor in Music Performance. She dreams of one day

having a career as a published author, actress, and photographer. After

graduating, she plans to move to the south and pursue her dreams. Shelbi

also wants to share her love for the environment through her position as

Editor in Chief, so she will be writing blogs to share some tips on how we

can love the earth more.



Ashley is a sophomore majoring in English.  She fills her time by playing

basketball for the school.  When Ashley is not in the gym, you can find her

in a cozy corner with a book (or three).  She loves hanging out with her family

(and dogs) as well as eating lots of ice cream!


Daniel is a Senior English Major at Greenville University. In his

free time he reads/writes fiction, and he is also the General Manager

of a local restaurant in Greenville.

dee norman


Dee is a Sophomore at Greenville University, majoring in English, with a minor

in Journalism. He enjoys hanging with friends, music, sports, and cartoons.


Josh is a senior majoring in English with a minor in Communications.

He dreams of one day becoming a journalist for ESPN and having his own

radio show for them as well. He loves sports, video games, drawing,

and listening to music. After graduation, Josh plans to pursue his dream

as a journalist back home, then relocate down south.



Gina is a Junior this year and is an English major with a minor as an ELL

(English Language Learner) instructor. She loves attending Greenville

University, but in her spare time enjoys reading anything fiction, writing her own

stories, and collecting novels for her own personal library.

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