A Strange and Wondrous Place – Fox and Bones

What’s it all worth anyway?

Can you measure life in numbers and if so

What’s a fair rate of exchange?

Do you know the price point for each new breath that you take?

How long does this ride last?

Is there really any difference between our future and our past?

We’re going through changes, well

Everybody’s changing it seems

Well you’ll never be the person you are till you ditch the person you’ve been

Time doesn’t know the shape we’re in

Though we keep trying our best to explain

Life is always dying to begin

What a strange and wondrous place we’re in

So what’s it all worth anyway

I’d say a lot but it’s all about perspective these days

Don’t let ’em tell you

Anything at all

Some people hit the ground running while others take a lifetime to crawl

Time doesn’t know the shape we’re in

That’s fine, whatever’s meant to be

I’m just trying my best to comprehend

What a strange and wondrous place we’re in

We are Fox and Bones. “A Strange and Wondrous Place” talks about taking stock of what’s really important in life, and rejoicing in the beauty of the world we live in, despite its shortcomings. It’s an optimistic and heartwarming look at the state of our world, if we choose to see it with loving eyes.