Author: Haley Lunde Grade: 12th at Carlton High School 1st place Live Arts Contest   Ghost As I sat in the school hall this morn’ I took notice of the wakening


Writer: Kelsey Kirk Year: Graduate from Shorter University   I AM WHO I AM   El Shaddai, The Lord God Almighty, Our Sustainer; El Elyon, the Most High God; The Extreme

A Welsh Confession

Name: Heather Burdsall Undergrad at Messiah College 1st place Live Arts Contest       A Welsh Confession   It’s not on the hillside I find him Anointing lambs’ wounds with

The Plague of Winter

Name: Colby Rouchka Grade: 11th at Edwardsville High School 1st place Live Arts Contest The Plague of Winter As the brisk winds wash over the earth, Death becomes abundant. As the


By Kristi Reindl I stand among them. The smiles painted in my memory. Our steps have intertwined, now joined once more for the march. The call. A firm shake. And in