Pollution – Ruslan Garrey

Trivialities come like a toxic rain
They linger, then slither off into bushes
Like snails, they hide
Untended they roll into shells
And become forgotten
Coiled into nuggets of dirt
That becomes the calcium deposits of streets–
They are a heavy residue
Guests who have become furniture
Meager warnings of the past
To always be sharp, be clean, but they themselves are only a slime on wood
Snail trails
Something to be washed away in the spring
With the dirty sheets and the winter’s muck on car tires
The world is dying poisoned like a giant round rat
Ruslan Garrey is a Russian-born poet, now based in Rodenbach, Germany. He previously founded the North Fork Oklahoma Writers and his work has appeared in The Nude Bruce Review, Former People, and Better Than Starbucks, among other publications.