Era – Jeremy Szuder

All of the nights, for now,
stay quiet in this post evening
There is the breath of us all,
from our bodies, and I
am positive that in those heads,
there resides the visions
and the rapid eye movements
that conjure an escape plan of dreams.
The animals in the rained streets
are still very much awake, however.
They have waited in their own
primal patience for mankind
to turn off the vices of our minds.
And still, somewhere else,
in between the fools and the fowl,
there is the fainting click of
water droplets slapping down
into the kitchen sinks of gluttony,
and outside onto the soils
of our manicured spoiled grasses.
Clouds hike in miles after miles,
trailing behind the ocean rains,
cascading the elixir of life
all across this planetary complexion,
fortifying itself in robust sheets
of sweet come-what-may.
We the people have staved away
our better judgements for now
and left our keys dangling
in the doors of evolution
while everything out of our grasp
goes on and on,
and with that I might note,
quite beautifully!
But I think I sometimes hear
the faint laughter of nature
coming from the hills and I look–
into my empty palms and then to the ground,
and see the tired and selfish footsteps
of my brothers, and myself for that matter,
then I am seeing and knowing,
that we all are on our way
to the end of another era.
Jeremy Szuder is a born and bred California native, raised with a tender and dedicated loyalty to the arts. His poems have been published in The Metaworker, Harbinger Asylum, The Hungry Chimera, Fine Print Literary and Visual Arts Publication, as well as the 15 years of self published offerings he has created, most recent, “The Huckleberry Finn Effect”, released in 2017 and “12 Poems To Uplift”, released in 2019. Szuder lives in Glendale California. Jeremy Szuder can be reached at