Plunge – Kate Wallace Rogers

like this one,
I can’t wait
to find my way
around the bend,
to a lonely patch
all by myself.
I strip down,
slip down into briny
cool plunge under,
get to know
my own sensual self,
way below
I’m alive.
Euphoric green,
underwater pristine
as far as the body can see,
easy sea.
Floating fascination
release to undertow,
riptide pulls
never return
to shore, sand, land.
Pure pleasure, that simple truth,
pervasive steadiness
s  p  a  c  e broken through,
boundaries eliminated,
blurring edges bleed,
surface tensions
loosen, I’m slippery
as seaweed.
Kate Wallace Rogers has been writing and performing poetry around Cape Cod since the late 1990’s. She is the recipient of the OCARC dune shack fellowship. A member of the Workshop for Publishing Poets led by Barbara Helfgott-Hyett, her work is forthcoming or recently appeared in Borrowed Solace, Gravel, The Wayfarer, Common Ground and elsewhere. Kate works at Truro center for the Arts and has had the honor of taking care of poet laureate, Stanley Kunitz’, fabulous garden.