Sun God – John C. Krieg

I am the egg yoke
That draws nourishment
From the white light of the heavens
I am fire and gasses and intense heat
Hungry to burn myself out
I was here before you
And will still be here
Long after you are gone
I am the hope of your children
There is no future without me
I am the sun
That greets you daily
That warms you
Feeds you
Burns you
You worship me from your deck chairs
Naked as society allows you to be
I turn your skin one shade closer to death
With each passing minute as you adore
The notion of eternal youth in my gaze
I am the witness of your funeral
Shedding light on your life gone by
I watched every step you took daily
Though often you did not notice me
I always noticed you
I mark the passage of time
I am the reason you exist
Time passes quickly for you
Time passes slowly for me
Time is the constant of the universe
John C. Krieg is a retired landscape architect and land planner who formerly practiced in Arizona, California, and Nevada. He is also retired as an International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) certified arborist and currently holds seven active categories of California state contracting licenses, including the highest category of Class A General Engineering. He has written a college textbook entitled Desert Landscape Architecture (1999, CRC Press). John has had pieces published in A Gathering of the Tribes, Clark Street Review, Conceit, Palm Springs Life, and Pegasus.