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  • An Echo in the Mountains

    Gina Zbinden Spring 2015
  • Book Club

    Zuri Irvin grew up in LA and studied on the east coast. He worked in the newsroom and on the digital team at FOX Sports for four years and in social media at for a much shorter period of time. Now he edits copy at Snapchat & draws cartoons on the side.

  • Until Morning

        Until Morning by Philip Newton   Come to me now at the end of the day When the birds are safe asleep in the thorns   Your brave arms and your coffee skin Eyes wet with sleep Sun hiding in your hair   I’m tired of little thefts persistent complaints and relentless bitter…

  • Welcome to The Scriblerus

    We seek artistic expressions that explore the human experience with honesty & authenticity. Now accepting writing, visual art, digitial media, graphic design, spoken poetry, music, & short film.