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  • Little Boy

    Photo by Anna Brannon

  • Blue Watercolor of A Woman

    Author: Kristen Jemigan Senior at O’Fallon Township Highschool Live Arts Contest | High School Visual Art _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________

  • Tiger Eyes | Who Am I?

    Author: Kayla Peel Senior at O’Fallon Township High School 3rd place Live Arts Contest | High School Poetry _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ Ms. Kayla Peel was born in Bittburg, Germany to parents Robert Peel and Shannon Bhrrier.…

  • Egyptian

    Author: LeAnn Schmitt Sophomore at O’Fallon Township High School Honorable Mention Live Arts Contest | High School Visual Art _________________________________________________________________________________________  _________________________________________________________________________________________ LeAnn Schmitt is a high school student who excels in the digital medium. She…

  • Winter Fishing

    Artist: Aaron Long Title: Winter Fishing Grade 12 at Perryville High School 1st place Live Arts Contest ____________________________________________________________________

  • Dead City Radio

     Name: Emily Petroline Grade: 10th at Greenville High School Name of Piece: Dead City Radio 1st place Live Arts Contest Emily is from Sorento Illinois. She is a sophomore at Greenville High…

  • Malaise

    Artist: Britni Spataro