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  • Blue Watercolor of A Woman

    Author: Kristen Jemigan Senior at O’Fallon Township Highschool Live Arts Contest | High School Visual Art _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________

  • Tiger Eyes | Who Am I?

    Author: Kayla Peel Senior at O’Fallon Township High School 3rd place Live Arts Contest | High School Poetry _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ Ms. Kayla Peel was born in Bittburg, Germany to parents Robert Peel and Shannon Bhrrier. She grew up with four parents in the armed forces and was constantly on the move. She was taught the art of drawing…

  • Egyptian

    Author: LeAnn Schmitt Sophomore at O’Fallon Township High School Honorable Mention Live Arts Contest | High School Visual Art _________________________________________________________________________________________  _________________________________________________________________________________________ LeAnn Schmitt is a high school student who excels in the digital medium. She has entered her works into several competitions that range from local to international. She has won several awards, which include a week long…

  • Winter Fishing

    Artist: Aaron Long Title: Winter Fishing Grade 12 at Perryville High School 1st place Live Arts Contest ____________________________________________________________________

  • Dead City Radio

     Name: Emily Petroline Grade: 10th at Greenville High School Name of Piece: Dead City Radio 1st place Live Arts Contest Emily is from Sorento Illinois. She is a sophomore at Greenville High School where she participates in the art and music programs. This is her first entry in an art contest. Although most of her…

  • Malaise

    Artist: Britni Spataro