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  • Impronta – Daniel Greenway

    Daniel Greenway is 23 and a third year university student in Swansea, United Kingdom. He was born in England, but lived in Upstate New York for most of his life and moved to Wales to pursue his love for film. He made “Impronta”, his first short film, in Italy during a film festival he took…

  • Happy Tail – Sue Clancy

    Sue Clancy has produced comics for The Oklahoma Gazette and SIGNews of South Dakota. She also creates humorous fine art for several commercial art galleries. As an illustrator Sue’s whimsical art has been published in books by Lark Books, Ten Speed Press and Allyn and Bacon – as well as by numerous literary magazines –…

  • Doctor Bronners – Coz Frimpong

  • Cartoons – Tino Gagliano

    Dogs Holding Up Anti-War Poster Two Officers with Chalk Outline
  • Screens Down. Eyes Up. Hearts Open. – Riley

    Riley is 13 years old and lives in Larchmont, NY. She is a digital artist and enjoys skiing, camping, singing, reading, and writing. Her poetry and other essays have been published in a variety of children’s magazines.

  • There’s No Place Like Homepage and IT Issue – Derek Scott

  • Transgender Teeth – Mercury Marvin Sunderland

    Mercury’s artwork was featured by the UglyDolls company — and he received his first literary journal acceptance from Northwest Missouri State University’s Fearsome Critters Literary Magazine Volume Two, his second from the February 2019 issue of Arcadia University’s Marathon Literary Review, his third and fourth from Across & Through Literary Magazine, his fifth from The…

  • The Cold Toed Giant – Justin Alcala

    In the old, half-forgotten times, before the gardens of Shinrone were overrun with weeds, there lived a Cold Toed Giant along a frozen mountain. Every sunrise, the behemoth yawned morning thunder before skewing boars on a pine tree for breakfast. Each afternoon he bathed in his favorite lake, racing the fresh water whales for sport.…

  • Tom’s Tailors – Anna Chu

    At 672 Grand Avenue, St. Paul, MN sits Tom’s Tailors, a small-business opened up by Nghĩa “Tom” Chu back in 1993. He started the business on his own, a feat I expect had its share of blood, sweat, and tears. The beginning of the business and my father in general remains a mystery to me…

  • Sunset Lullaby – Desiree Kendrick

    “Can we go? Can we?” I pant, ignoring my stale breath.   My knobby knees bounce. I’m eager to explore the nearby ant pile.   She doesn’t stir. Her eyes linger on the horizon. Statuesque.   “Come on, already. If you’ve seen five sunsets, you’ve seen them all.”   We’ve done this trek repeatedly. Every…

  • Kirishitan – Sarah Prindle

    Nagasaki, Japan, 1614         I grew up hearing the story of how faith brought my parents together.       Father was born and raised in a distant land, Portugal, far from the familiar oceans and mountains of my Japanese homeland. From an early age, he was told he must become a…

  • An Unknown Soldier – Ed Woodyard

    The helmet was placed on an open Bible atop an altar of a small, rural American church. It was there to symbolize the universal soldier. The helmet was a German pickelhaube retrieved from a battlefield in eastern France, most probably on June 6, 1918. It was dingy now, its polished black-leather luster having faded over…

  • Ice Cream – Holley Ziemba

    “When are you going back to college?” Eat a spoonful of ice cream. “Early August. In a few weeks.” “Excited?” Another. “Yeah, I guess.” “Ah.” Two more. “You?” Put the spoon in the half-empty bowl of ice cream. Stare at it. See the flies from the corner of your eye. Swat them away from the…

  • Second Parent – Katie Damien

    Katie Damien is an award-winning filmmaker with over a decade of commercial production and independent film-making experience, she has been awarded various accolades including eight Emmy Awards for her short form work, and both Gold and Mosaic American Advertising Federation awards.

  • Troll – Brittani Harris

    Brittani Harris was born and raised in Decatur, GA. Writing was always a passion of hers. After graduating high school. She went to Georgia State, where she majored in Journalism. After years in the Navy, stationed in California, she decided to separate and continue with her education. She is currently enrolled in The Los Angeles…

  • Arcadia – Lu Mendoza

    Lu Mendozais a Mexican-based artist. Lu is a college freshman student of filmmaking with an interest in exploring different ways to fall in love and how he can express it.

  • It Aint Misbehavin but it’s Close – Christopher Doyle

    Christopher K. Doyle is a singer-songwriter from a small town nestled on the banks of the Potomac River. The songs on his first album Harlequin Road are meant to echo, extend, and comment on the characters, moods, and moments in his first novel Purchase, which is based on the origins of country music.

  • Hear Me Mr. Honey – Rivky Gee

    Rivky Gee is a self taught painter and writer whose works have been exhibited and sold to well known collectors, like Karl Hagberg, Sheila and James Gray, former president of Macy’s. Her essays have been selected for various publications like, Harvard’s literary magazine, The Mighty, Coffin Bell Journal, among others, including a scholarship award for…

  • Fable – Kathleen McGuire

    Kathleen McGuire resides in Denver Colorado with her husband and son. She has been writing and recording music for a decade, fronting several bands. “Fable” is a song by her most recent musical project, Team Callahan.

  • Patchwork Guilt – Elspeth Tremblay

    Elspeth Tremblay is an Australian singer-songwriter and musician, known for her pared-down songwriting style in the folk music genre. Following the success of her debut release Return (2014), Elspeth toured the U.S, Australia, and Canada, where she now calls home. Elspeth is currently recording a new album, set for release in early 2020.