Who Are You – Brandon Bennett

She was seven years old

and with her was her

ever-following imaginary friend

A wisp

It’s real she says

Nobody believes her

but I do

Because I have seen

the other side

Nobody gives her any attention

Because of this fantasy

they say

But I know what’s real

I know she sees something

Nobody understands what it means to her

Only the wise and the foolish

She talks to it daily

A wisp of an invisible ghost

Taking the shape of whatever she desires

At age 7 you can do this

And as you grow older

that wisp begins to fade

from memory like a burning photograph

And then, gone,

But if you’re lucky you might keep

that imaginary friend with you

that little hint of madness

Brandon Bennett is a 26-year-old emerging writer, carving their own quirky literary path somewhere at the intersection of spirituality, nature, and dreamscapes. Shamanism fascinates them. They find in its practice a way to travel side by side with spirits and nature. Writing is their way of making sense of living in a material world that alienates them.