Zigzag – Joe Bisicchia

Come with me

                                    to where There is Here,

the Eden we all once knew.

                                    And no matter our errant ways

sometime so unclear for every bat,

                                    there is indeed me and you.

Let it be this journey of breeze upon our beings

                                     a joy and innocence of living

as if a carnival ride at the state fair

                                    you and me and everyone here

about to get our share of cotton candy.

                                    The only thing better is the anticipation

with you here as the air throws back our hair.

                                    Hold my hand. Take me there.

And begins our every rivulet.

                                    Plain goes the valley,

our home of milk and honey.

                                    Vicissitude chases sloping hills

upward as we ascend.

                                    The stumbling blocks toughen our feet

and soon sweet mountains

                                    make grander the view higher the climb.

Lifts all we do deep within our headwaters,

                                    the distance

to the widened eye.

                                     Then even every libretto may flow,

may roll the eventual sloping road

                                     toward home, may

roll away stone.

                                     The spark is aloft, and see our teardrops

no longer crystalized in sorrow of snowcap,

                                    but joy.

We are souls knit with the angels

                                    as we share the cotton candy sky. 

Joe Bisicchia writes of our shared dynamic. An Honorable Mention recipient for the Fernando Rielo XXXII World Prize for Mystical Poetry, his works have appeared in numerous publications. His website is www.JoeBisicchia.com.