Are You Prepared?

Before taking off for a trip, how do you prepare for the unexpected?
YOU CAN’T!!!! What you can do to prepare though is to make sure you have the basics down first. For example, it’s like starting a new class for the first time. You can sign up and have all the basic necessities like a pencil, notebook, and required textbook. It’s great to be prepared, but unexpected things do tend to happen. Not to say that something will always go wrong, but it’s important to remember to see the light in any dark situation.
When you travel you can have a destination in mind, an itinerary planned, and your bags packed, but you can’t always foresee what might go wrong.

The best thing to do in an unexpected situation is to stay calm, stay focused, and rethink the plans that were originally made. For instance, I went to Germany in the early Spring of 2015. There was a flight delay on
the way back home from the airport in Amsterdam. The flight was delayed by two hours (not too terrible) but I realized that I wouldn’t make it to work on time. Thankfully, my boss was understanding, and a few phone calls later, I had arranged for someone else to take my shift.

Here are a few tips when traveling to help you stay on top of your goals, even if you have to reevaluate your travel plans:
January 30, 2021 – Written by Gina Zbinden