Art is Everywhere!

Of all the places we go and things we see, we are inspired by the magnificent pieces of
art that have been created around the world. When we see these art pieces, the thing that comes to my mind is all the different forms art can take. Art doesn’t have to be limited to paintings on the wall. It can be a building, a statue, or something that you can put in your own yard. And art can be created with a limitless number of supplies and materials.
I have visited many museums and have been to the famous Louvre in Paris, France.
Intrigued by the magnificent paintings and sculptures, I was fascinated with the overall artistic
atmosphere in this museum. I wanted to find more pieces to give me the inspiration to write.
Unfortunately, I have not found another museum to fit what I was looking for, but with the help of social media, I came across web journals. If you would like to see a fascinating web journal, click on this link to check out right now! The Scribis is full of incredible art pieces in different genres from around the world! I never know what I’ll come
across in the different categories as I look through the individual pieces. It’s like having the
Louvre at my disposal, but I don't have to travel halfway across the globe to visit another
museum. I have the inspiration right at my fingertips!

I would like to know where you’ve traveled to be inspired by art! Was it somewhere
close by, in another country, or did you stumble across a web journal like The Scriblerus? I have
added a link below if you want to check out the Louvre, and if you ever happen to be in Paris, I
highly recommend you go. You won’t be sorry!



November 11, 2020 – Written by Gina Zbinden