What Are The Options?

When you think of the word travel, one typically thinks of the marvelous places they
want to visit. Do you ever think of transportation though? What do you envision yourself
traveling in when you do think of traveling? Do you want to try a new transportation experience?

I have never traveled by boat; I have been on a boat several times but I have never used
one to travel to another place. If I were to travel somewhere, I would want to take a boat to fulfill
that experience. I could go on a cruise or travel down the Mississippi river to another state.
Where do you see yourself going? You can take a plane, train, boat, car, or all of these to
get to your destination. You can click on the link below to view some ideas of transportation for
traveling. Share your stories or experiences on the Scriblerus! There are endless possibilities of
transportation no matter how creative.
One thing I suggest when traveling for any new experience is to take a notebook or
journal and write down your experiences. This way you have the memory preserved and you can
reflect on the trip. Maybe this will lead to another trip idea or change your routine on how you
want to travel for the next trip.

If you have had an experience in transportation for a trip whether it was good or bad and
want to share your experience, share it with us at https://thescriblerus.com/
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Transportation for Traveling
November 6, 2020 – Written by Gina Zbinden