Is It Chilly or Is It Just Me?

Have you ever thought about traveling to another location just to experience the thrills of
winter life? It could be that you already live where you experience winter for the majority of the
year. If so, then you already know about the wonders of winter weather.
Living in the Midwest of the United States does have its perks because I can experience
all four seasons in my area. I am not a fan when winter rolls around every year, but I do enjoy
the pretty scenery the snow creates when it covers every surface. Depending on where you live
in the world, you might have to travel to another location to experience the winter thrills.
What would you do if you wanted to experience some chilly activities? Would you ice
skate, ski, snowboard, sled, or ice fish, just to name a few options? You can click on the links
below to check out these awesome places to experience a new thrill for a winter location or to get
inspiration from a new winter activity.


Make sure to bundle up before you go out into the cold! If you decide to experience your winter
from inside, (like me) remember to warm-up with some delicious hot cocoa and enjoy the winter
the scenery around you!

October 20, 2020 – Written by Gina Zbinden