And….. Blast Off!

 Have you ever thought about traveling to outer space?

Not to say that Star Wars and Star Trek weren’t enough to set our space odyssey into hyper-blast, but what if there was a whole other dimension out there waiting to be discovered? 

Space has always been a fascination of mine. I remember going outside on the trampoline as a kid and looking up at the bazillion stars floating in the sky, wondering if I could jump high enough to grab one. I wondered what else is actually out there. 

We can explore this vast universe that still remains a mystery by creating our own theories. Could there be aliens, and would they be friendly? Would there be more planets like Earth? What if we were able to change the color of comets as they zoomed by the Earth? 

There are so many possibilities when it comes to traveling in space. What takes shape in your imagination when you think of the stars and planets far beyond our own? 


September 17, 2020 – Written by Gina Zbinden


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