We Are the Antagonists

An artwork inspired by the forest by John Dyer.

Trees take in a lot of CO2, so when we tear them down for profit, we’re actually losing in the end. When the Amazon Rainforest was burning, it didn’t even reach America’s news headlines for a couple weeks. There were speculations for a while on why it was burning, but we figured out later that the fires were man-made. It turns out that a small fire can go a long way. Once we get into the mindset of “I’ll only do this little bit of harm,” it quickly spreads like wildfire.

Do you notice the analogy I’m getting at? There are so many people who think it’s okay to ditch one plastic spoon, one plastic straw. But if billions of people have the same mindset, we create a landfill. A non-biodegradable landfill. Our earth wasn’t made for the purpose of holding all this trash for generations and generations.

The reality is if we don’t make a change, there will be no hope for the future of our earth. I hate to break it to you, but we are killing it.

We must never forget the danger we have put the Amazon and all of its creatures in.

September 30, 2019 – Written by Shelbi Fisher