to Death – Jennie Lee Harris

I told you my fear and
      ​you laughed​;
    but I was serious
    and I was true—
I do not want to leave my youth.

Age and fragility,
             they scare me—
     I’m bigger than spiders
       and darker than the dark
but time is beyond me
   and my body will fail me.

You know it’s true yourself,
      with every day we grow older,
      and gentle lines have begun
      to chase the crevices
      of our bodies.

Yet, you’d deny it scares you, too —
    I know it must. It must.
     What is more criminal than the hour?
     What is more dangerous than a new day?

Nothing, and one day
    time will scare us both
     to death.

Jennie Lee Harris is an undermotivated writer residing in the southern United States. She was first published in a fanfiction journal at the age of fourteen and has since had several works in print, but those publishers are now closed. When not working or writing, Jennie also enjoys crochet, watercolors, and spending time with a dog named Poog.