Take Two – Prairie Dyck

How to take the stains out of blood
‘Gently used’ surpasses a euphemism
Unzip the front and it all falls out
Intestines and indiscretions puddle on the floor
Distressed genes not in a fashionable way
Biological anarchy, synapses with hydrogen stability
Weighed down with gold turning to lead
Not enough alchemists around to contrive value
Landing softer than expected on moss fields
Grown beneath sad eyes where it’s always damp
Buzzards wobble circles above these dark rings
Keratin blizzard descending upon the senses
DIY patchwork parachutes prove not to be so wise
But think of the savings!
Lifetime discount, some terms and conditions may apply

Prairie Dyck is a writer of short stories and poetry who has previously had work published by Lagom: A Journal and Belletrist Magazine.