The Salty Sea of a Dream – Teresa Sutton

The Salty Sea of a Dream


I wish you days on end golden as honey
and new as the sun as it streams
above the horizon each morning.

I wish you the orange of ripe pumpkins
and autumn leaves at the moment
they ignite with the essence of their lives.

I wish you the red of apples, ripeness,
fragrance, lovely starry cores
at the heart of your minutes and hours.

And the purple of grapes, crisp and sweet,
the pigment of blackberries pulled warm
from their vines that branch out toward you.

And the cleansing green of mint, drawn deep
into your lungs and the fathomless green
of bottles filled with fine wines.

I hope your lives brim over with blue, clear
as a summer sky, crystal as the salty sea
of a dream, and luminous as Heaven’s canopy.

Every day I wish you a new color that will pass
through your hearts like a deep laugh
that will become as rich as your lives.


Teresa Sutton is a poet and a teacher. She has taught at Marist College for ten years and high school English for 28 years. She lives in Poughkeepsie, NY and has two grown children.