How to Snowshoe – Anthony J. Dennis

How to Snowshoe


One must forget the snow, the painful arch,

the ominous brightness of March.


On snowshoes you must go until the sky un-names you,

and the sun burns the memories from your face.


You are lost in a Sahara of snow now,

far from the wheel and the plow

and your clothes are democratically soaked.


You’ll see that

sun and snow, wind and sky

are different names for the same substance.


Stop and hear the universe humming in your ears!

Watch life’s projects disappear,

like seeds down a chipmunk’s throat.


Anthony J. Dennis is the author of three nonfiction books and co-author of three more. His poetry has appeared in several literary magazines. He has been a lawyer and international human rights activist for over twenty-five years. Dennis holds degrees in law, literature and history from Tufts University and Northwestern University School of Law.