As Of Now – Lily Crowder

As Of Now


I want to live on the moon. I want to bathe in a crater filled with scorching water and lavender soap. Sweet serenity fills my pores.

When the wind grazes your back through the small holes in the lawn chair think of me. I do envy the breeze.

May I always remember how we feel. May our youth continue on a dreamlike loop. Sweet adolescence, thank you for what we have.

I screamed into the abyss, “I will never be grown!”. But the truth does not listen to the chasm. The feeling that the future offers redemption is a feeling I cannot allow to fade.


Lily Crowder is an eighteen year old college student from Wilmington, North Carolina. She is inspired in her writing by writers such as Jack Kerouac, Russell Edson and James Tate. She discovered her love of writing at a very young age and has not put a pen down since.