Regrets – Star LaBranche



I run around like a wet dog,

fur dripping with affection,

no one wants to get close enough to me to pet me

in my desperate bit for attention,

I chase after people as they run

one day I met another wet dog and he rushed to greet me,

so excited that he wasn’t the only one

all I could do was run away screaming,

”No, no, you’ll get me wet!”





Author Bio:

Star LaBranche was born exactly one month before Jem and the Holograms debuted on television. Currently living and working in Virginia Beach, Virginia, the only flaw in her plan is that she’s really not a beach person. Attending and working at ECPI University, she is currently in the business administration program trying to pass the level two accounting class that has yet to make any sense to her. In her spare time she likes to go to theatre productions, watch obscure TV shows, and play with her cat.