time’s waltz

IMG_0448 copyAuthor: Mandy Pennington

Undergraduate Freshman at Greenville College

2nd place Live Arts Contest | Undergrad Poetry


time’s waltz

beach sand
like falling off a cliff
the tiny grains scream the loss of time


they used to live under rough, tan feet swept in and out by turquoise cascades violent some days
gentle waltzes others

the sand dances a swing with the long graceful waves dressed in blue evening gowns take me to the prom and sweep me off my feet bare or heel-clad

wait, that was years ago.

sand reminds me
the times on the beach
but the sharks
terrified my little sister Rosie 1939
fascinated my little daughter Susie 1961

even the memories fade while I watch the sand trickle

trick allusion

I lost the years watching the sand dri p
dro p
dro p

drown wait

I’m not ready

hourglass, turn back over
or even empty yourself
send the sand back to its home by the sea
where it happily dances
where it belongs
I belong here

then fill yourself back up with fresh young sand ready to begin

all over again for me

so helpless
carried from place
to place
without a fight
but they don’t mind
why does no one mind
am I the only one screaming save me

love me
join me
in the smallest corners of my car
in my washing machine
never fully disappearing from my favorite sandals so shouldn’t I remain
to disappear
so much to lose

fear overtaking

of the hourglass
the water creeps
claws at my feet
the sand can’t steady me
unresisting, it is pulled back out into the depths


I have loved writing since I wrote my very first novel (about talking animals; it was awful, I assure you) at age 7. English has always been my favorite subject in school. I love the joy and freedom of being able to express emotion and deep ponderings in such a tangible way. I ‘ve always felt a connection to the beauty of words, and have always been inspired by my dad, who is a fantastic writer. I’m so excited to have recently added an English major and am excited to see how my writing will grow and where it will take me.

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