Paul’s Spoken Word | One

11080624_10155548717715078_8168787881845694991_oAuthor: Bilori Paul

Sophomore at Rock Island High School

Honorable Mention Live Arts Contest | High School Poetry | Spoken Word

It was like I was stuck in two different worlds 2008 I surely thought I was Superman Flying to Krypton, my planet. Sadly I crashed in the United States. I was an alien from a distant planet, but they still welcomed me with open arms. 2009, I was hit by kryptonite, my greatest weakness. I dropped to my knees because my Brother’s ear drums could never play the right beat. His vocal cords to sing the right song… to remove the Kryptonite out of my heart. I was vulnerable to all evil, thinking that he could never remove the Kryptonite out of my heart. I cried wondering how could this have happened to us? 2010, our hands learned to talk for our mouths. No words… just dancing hands. 2011, hope was found from that day me and my family prayed every day, hoping for john to remove this kryptonite out of my heart. I was DYING for a chance to hear john sing one note. 2012, all hope was lost. It was the hardest challenge I ever faced on Christmas every child wished for a new toy, but all that I wished for was for my brothers’ ear drums to play the right beat so his vocal cords could sing. As the years passed the light started to fade away, and I started to believe that it wasn’t possible for john to talk. 2013, December, 30th is a day that I will never forget. He answered our prayers, and gave us the best gift, my Brother’s voice. That day my life changed. That day I believed that GOD was alive. The GOD of Abraham, The creator of Adam and Eve, the first Living human beings. That day I bowed my head to pray, but the words could never come out, because I need him more than words can describe. So once again my feet and my hands started dancing. Finally I bowed my head to pray. “Thank you GOD for the opportunity that you have given us to tell of your stories.” Thank you for Broadway church, Youthhope, and Mad skills, which showed me that I’m no superman, just a man with a super GOD. I can only pray that the people who are not blessed with talent to speak can speak even louder with their actions. I pray that those that are blessed with the talent to speak can make a difference their words. We, MAD SKILLS, bring the word to the world to make a difference. “Lord, I pray that we accept you to guide us through whatever our struggles are. IN JESUS NAME WE PRAY, AMEN.


I was born in Uganda, Africa. I have 3 sister and 6 brothers. I moved to the U.S. in 2008 where we learned that John my second youngest brother was def. It was hard on us. So one day my mentor Chris Britton told me to write a poem about it. And now ever since that poem I write to express my emotions and to make a difference. I love People and my goal his to one day become a youth pastor so I can help teens make better choices.

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