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  • the path – Samuel Spring

    Sam Spring is best known for his songwriting work in the musical duo “Tennis Club” with their song, “Morning” eclipsing 5,000,000 plays on Spotify alone. The 26-year-old has just started sending out work in the hopes of connecting with more like-minded people.

  • Past Tense – Casey Killingsworth

    Casey Killingsworth has work in The American Journal of Poetry, Two Thirds North, and other journals. He has two books of poems, A Handbook for Water (Cranberry Press 1995) and A nest blew down (Kelsay Books 2021). Casey has a Master’s degree from Reed College.

  • Pockets – Billy Thrasher

    Billy Thrasher is a graduate of the MFA program at Lindenwood University. He writes at home, at the coffee shop, at the park, and in his car during lunch breaks. The simple, brief moments in life catch his attention and spark his creativity. He has written works in Moon Magazine, Lagom: A Journal, Jennymag, Dovecote,…

  • Mother Earth Will Swallow You and Lay Your Body Down – Barbara Sarvis

    Barbara Sarvis’s present work reflects her strong feelings of connectivity with all living creatures and the Earth. Her hope is that the visual images reflected in her paintings educate the viewer to make the changes necessary to combat climate change before we destroy our home.

  • To Mrs. Willa Bruce – EJ Bowman

    EJ Bowman is an English teacher and writer from CA. Bowman has recently been named a finalist for both the DeBiase Poetry Prize and the Florida Review 2021 Editor’s Choice Award; Bowman was also long listed for the Exeter Short Story Award. This summer, Bowman finished a writers residency at the Rockvale Writers Colony in…

  • You – Nicole Farmer

    Nicole Farmer is a writer and teacher living in Asheville, NC. Her poems have been published in The Sheepshead Review, The Bangalore Review, The Roadrunner Review, Wild Roof Journal, Bacopa Literary Review, The Great Smokies Review, Kakalak Review, 86 Logic, Wingless Dreamer and others. Her play 50 JOBS was produced in Los Angeles. Nicole has…