Pockets – Billy Thrasher

My hands have disappeared!
I stretch my arms
way down, wiggle my fingers, feel
cotton balls,
or is it Josie, my cat?
I dig my hands deeper – something’s in
my pink heart-speckled overalls. My lips
go, ooh. My face feels light as a balloon,
my toes cross, squeeze the carpet, so
I don’t float away. I’m tickly warm
like I’m in bed snuggled with Teddy.

I hear laughing. See my daddy smile,
his arms wrap around me.
“Aw, you found your pockets!”

Billy Thrasher is a graduate of the MFA program at Lindenwood University. He writes at home, at the coffee shop, at the park, and in his car during lunch breaks. The simple, brief moments in life catch his attention and spark his creativity. He has written works in Moon Magazine, Lagom: A Journal, Jennymag, Dovecote, Panoplyzine, White Wall, As You Were: The Military Review, Dunes Review, Rougarou and Outlook Springs.