Widow – Mireia Birosta

Remembering you brought me

back to those joyful days

kissing on the old wood bench at la plaza.

I promise I will never leave you alone.

Here and now we stand side by side

as the lovers that we are.”

I’m dying for a love that no

longer exists;

I keep creating fake illusions of you

returning home.

Ghost is all I see of you;

Here and now I remember when you left.

goodbye, that last blue gaze.

I remember those days at the beach

lying on the warm sand

and hugging each other

while watching the breathtaking

reflection of the sunset.

Do you see it? It’s the beauty

that this life has planned for us.”

Neither of us predicted this armed struggle,

one, two, three months without your presence,

the war called you.

Please return home.

Return from those decayed fields

slip away from those haunted trenches.

I’m still counting the days left

I’m still hoping for your return home.

Victim is all I am;

War approached

accompanied by deadly gases,

Xanthic gases that, in just seconds, took your life away;

You promised to come back

a promise that will never be had.