Change is Good – Dee Norman

I don’t like the idea that things could,

I’d much rather pretend I didn’t know that things would.

The best of friends since 8th grade, do you get the picture?

I was very supportive, and you Jack, starred as the titular.

After graduation, you were looking at me funny,

I’d hit your line to no response, you wouldn’t even talk to me.

We would make jokes, and talk about what the future had in store for us,

Chatting about life at wrestling meets, you were someone I could trust.

As the years went on we grew further apart

Losing our friendship was blamed on me, but we both played our part.

We’d walk home together from practice, in the worst kinds of weather

I truly believe I brought the best out of you, we made each other better.

But a one-sided friendship just isn’t right,

We even pulled up to your parents’ house to gain some insight.

This felt like a relationship, working on our issues,

Whenever I think about high school, some of my best memories were with you.

Sometimes I want to make up for lost times, but I don’t know if I should,

Be the first to reach out to you and make things good.

Was our friendship as chaotic as a Premier League fixture?

Sure, but it was better than being divided like the Japanese Prefecture.

You finally moved out to Denver like you said you would,

In weather that you can consistently pull up your hood.

Now after all of these years, what is known doesn’t need to be understood

You showed me the truth, for you, change is good.