On the Outside Looking In – Victoria Dyson

They worship the ground she walks on and they stare her down while she
gracefully takes each step on her way to class. People love her and in their eyes she’s
perfect; although she’s perfect in my eyes so I can’t be jealous of all the attention she
gets and the popularity she has when I practically idolize her the way that I do. Her
name is Amanda Green, she has light green eyes and long straight blonde hair. She is
definitely your ideal barbie doll. All of the football jocks loved her and wanted a chance
to be with her. Even my crush. Since third grade drooled every time she walked passed
his eyes. His name was Jerimiah Kingsly and he was my ideal of a perfect guy. Me,
well, my name is Sasha Morris. Known as the dork of the school unfortunately and I
don’t have many friends besides my dog at home and my best friend Angel. I’d do
anything to be the popular beautiful Amanda Green.

The bell finally rings and I arrive at Mathematics 101 five minutes early like I
always do. The class is so terrifyingly boring because I already know everything the
teacher decides to teach. “Hello class, I hope you all are ready for today’s quiz?” the
teacher said aloud. Mr. Clark began to take the class attendance. “Lori Smith, Angel
Davis, Sydney Gorden, Mark Yoggy, David Brown, Amanda Green, Amanda Green,
Amanda Green?” He called out. “Angel Green going once.. Angel Green going
Twice…. Wow tardy again,” he says in disappointment. And there she was walking in
the classroom door. “Sorry I’m late,” she says in a shy voice even though she was far
from shy. “You guys have until the end of class to complete the quiz,”The teacher says.

I sat there looking down at the first few questions and instantly got bored. All of a
sudden the floor started to shake and the whole room started to twirl in tornado form. I
quickly ran to the bathroom screaming out of my head. When I arrived at the restroom, I
came across a broken mirror. My life had just taken the wildest turn. Not a turn for the
better, in fact it was getting worse then I could ever imagine.
When I looked deep into the mirror my hair was way longer than it should have
been. My hair was short and black originally with split ends included. Now my hair was
flowing nicely down my back and the ruler straightened. My eyes were green with a
bright tinkle, could this be ? I had turned into Amanda Green. The shaking of the
building had stopped and I looked great but I felt terrible. My body was in pain and I
didn’t know why. I slowly looked into the mirror again and proceeded to run my fingers
through my hair then all of a sudden all of my hair fell into the sink. IT WAS A WIG.
Amanda Green had worn a wig and I never knew. My hair was then all gone except a
few rough patches here and there. Could it be??

It all made sense, Amanda Green had cancer but she covered it up very well. Oh no, I
thought to myself. Now since I am Amber, I had cancer when the old me was perfectly
healthy. I felt terrible and I wanted to be myself again. I ball up on the floor and cry.
What had I wished for the perfect life or a victim’s cover up. I wanted to be pretty and
popular but I didn’t want to be sick and in risk of death either. I cried and cried and cried.
RINNNGGGGG!!! The bell rang. It seemed as if I had fallen asleep taking my quiz. I
begged the teacher to give me more time and the teacher granted that wish.

Three years passed and I lived every day of my life like it was my last. I look in the
mirror often and smile with joy and satisfaction. I embrace being myself and when life
throws me lemons instead of wishing for a different fruit I instead make lemonade.

Victoria Dyson