Looking Back at the Past Three Years – Shelbi Fisher

I have been a part of The Scriblerus staff for three years now if I’m counting this semester. My time as both a general editor for one full year and the editor in chief for two years now has been wild. I loved being a general editor and participating in class, and when Hannah, The Scriblerus’ advising editor, came to me after that year and offered me the position as the editor in chief, I was so excited.  

I’m not sure yet what I want to do after college, but knowing that I’ve had the chance to be the editor-in-chief and will have an English degree under my belt makes me feel more secure. I have now had the experience of knowing what it’s like to assign pieces to a class, being the backup for the teacher if anyone has any questions, and doing whatever else they need me to do. I don’t think I would ever want to be an actual teacher (even though multiple people have suggested it as “a good career path”), but I think it’s good for me to know what it somewhat feels like for the purpose of having my degree in English. 

Reading so many different pieces from people is special to me because I know that someday I’ll probably be in their shoes. I’m a writer myself, and if I ever decide to try to publish my work in online journals, I’ll have to go through the same process of submitting and waiting for a response. I always try to be fair in my decisions for this reason. I’ve definitely had the most fun reading poetry pieces as I’m more of a poetry writer myself. Fiction has also been fun to read, but poetry has captured my attention the most. I’ve read some beautiful pieces that have inspired me in my own work. 

The class itself has prepared me for taking on bigger responsibilities in my life. Knowing that I am “the helper” and I have the role I do makes me excited to do more things like this in my life. Hopefully, I can someday be the right hand of a corporation and continue it. I don’t ever want to be the teacher, but I like the idea of teaching people in other ways.

Shelby Fisher.