Runaway – Erin Brody

Gentle hum of cars on my right
Rumbling of the trains on my left
Locusts buzzing in front of me
My family shouting behind me
The wind caresses my face with her brisk hand
—Like the way Mom used to—
Her other hand brushes my hair towards the dusk sky
Fireflies make light in out yards
Orange street lights dimly shine on cracked streets
The moon glows in the sky to light my path
And guide me away from home
Erin Brody is a writer from the Pittsburgh area who studies writing and publishing. She has been published in pulp. and Variant Literature for creative nonfiction, Hot Dish Magazine for short fiction, Dime Show Review for poetry, and eventually White Wall Review. She is also the managing editor of The SIREN newspaper and could often be found watching or participating in theatre.