Crescent Roll of the Moon – Alena Podobed

The sky is frothy white with clouds
like with flakes of sweet cream.
The lollipop ingot of the sun
has teased us and gone.
Now, the darkness of the night
glows with myriads of crumbs:
someone has secretly feasted
on a sponge cake up there.
The poppy seed
crescent roll of the moon
is fatter this night,
probably baked with butter
on this summer weekend.
Thick like sour cream,
the moonlight pours down,
making it so hard to sleep.
Well, there’s nothing to do
but wait for the warmth of sunlight to return.

Alena Podobed – is an author from Russia. Her most recent poems have appeared Curating Alexandria,The Paragon Press, Metafore Magazine, Spectrum Literary Journal, MEOW MEOW POW POWLIT