What About the Beach?

When you hear the word beach, do you instantly think of the coarse sand crunching between your toes, the crashing of the waves as they lap at the shore, or the incredible marine life that lives under the sea?

The experience of going to the beach is spectacular, and every beach is unique in its own way. Yes, there are very similar features that hold the same at different beaches, like the sand, the shells, and the water. But there are also those different characteristics on beaches that make them a “must see.” For instance, Shell Beach in Western Australia possesses countless white cockleshells that spread for miles along the coast. Reynisfjara Beach in Iceland is known for its inky black sand. And Myrtle in South Carolina is known for its beautiful beachfront boardwalks and clusters of souvenir stands.

I have only been to three beaches (so far) and I have a whole list of beaches that I hope to one day travel to. Every place that I visit for the first time, I gain a whole new appreciation for that particular location. Beaches around the world are the perfect locations to explore, relax, and just have fun in a new atmosphere.

Check out the link below to see more wonderful beaches around the world!


Written by Gina Zbinden, Senior Editor