Introducing the Spring 2021 Theme

Travel: Where would you be?

Do you wish that you could escape this world and travel to where you want to go? It could be anywhere in the world, the universe, or an entire new fantasy that you created on your own!

For this Spring 2021 issue, The Scriblerus wants your take on the theme of travel. We chose this topic because first, we love to read and experience the overwhelming exhilaration of being in a whole new world through a great piece of art or writing. Second, travelling through the worlds we create on the page, canvas, or screen gives us the choice to go where we want to go, when we want to go, and how we decide to do it. And third, there are endless possibilities when it comes to travel. We want to know what others experience when they go to a new place they’ve never been.

We are looking for short stories (fiction/non-fiction), poems, film, visual art, spoken word, cartoons, and music that fit into this theme.

We’re excited to see what you come up with, whether it be in this world, out in space, or a whole new place you created. Travel gives us the opportunity to go somewhere that we’ve never had the chance to experience before. Stay safe this year, and happy travels!

Written by Gina Zbinden, Senior Editor