Motion – Sudeep Soparkar

Well it seems that the key to life
Is to simply maintain motion
Since I can’t see the moving air
I guess I will duplicate the ocean
I have found I am better off moving
So I will let these currents do the choosing
Because I can’t decide myself
If my self-worth
Is worth proving
I have got wounds that need soothing
I am tired of losing
I have lived too much
In too few years
For such a lack of improvement
I need a device to twist this plot
Some sort of a wand
I need a key to this lock
But there is something blocking the path
To my nirvana
I still long to feel elation
But I am being held by laws
Of this politically correct nation
I fell under the illusion of a perfect constitution
But this justice isn’t clean
It’s hardly more than sheer pollution

Sudeep Soparker is a creative nerd and a recovering addict who loves to express through poems. They are currently working in the field of engineering, and they find a sense of satisfaction in writing poems.