Can You Be Eco-Friendly With a Baby?

Source: Heart Casa

When I was having a conversation with a non-environmentalist one time, one of the main things they pointed out was how it would be impossible to be eco-friendly and raise a baby. Honestly, that question took me aback and got me thinking, “Man, is there really any way to switch from single-use diapers to a biodegradable kind?” And as I’ve been googling alternatives, it looks like the answer to that is yes! 

To start out, not all parents have the time to worry about the timely implications of switching to eco-friendly diapers. This is specifically revealed in the time that needs to be dedicated to reusable cloth diapers. Basically, you can buy as many of these reusable diapers that you need, but you must wash them every time your baby uses the bathroom. For working parents, this can become a hassle and something that’s not even possible. So, there’s another option called hybrid diapers. 

Hybrid diapers are unlike reusable cloth diapers in that they are both cloth AND disposable. So, this option is readily available for the parent who wants to help the earth but doesn’t have the time to wash a reusable cloth diaper after every use. And they’re biodegradable! 

Single-use disposable diapers are made of plastic material, so they’re both not good for the earth but also not good for skin. They are convenient since they’re disposable and don’t cost any time, but they’re definitely not eco-friendly. It is possible to be a parent and be eco-friendly!

November 4, 2019 – Written by Shelbi Fisher

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