enough. – Mari Jagt

i am enough,
i have a body
to fit with the mountain ranges
the precipices of my spine
daunting and snow-capped
my back grows jack-pines
and sequoia trees alike
my mouth flows out
freshwater lakes even though
my toes are dipped in
the salt of the ocean
i am enough, my curves
mimic crashing waves
my soft stomach a flower
bed of irises and lilies
my eyes have only been
able to reflect sunsets
ever since i first sold
myself to the august nights
i am enough, my tongue
laps the skylines
and my fingers reach up
to mix with the clouds
i am enough, my heart is
made of space molecules
my body made of atoms
from thousands of years
of history and art. my soul is
a mixed paint palette
with all the colours of the
early morning sky
and they fade, only
the earth below me
will last forever,
but until then
i am enough.

Mari Jagt is a young queer emerging poet and painter with freeform works covering topics including sexuality and femininity, nature, mental illness, the strange, and growth. She has been writing and creating art from a young age and believes in the power of words. Mari works and creates out of Victoria, BC. www.marijagtart.com