Asemic Documents – Federico Federici

Score for the woods


Behind lines

Federico Federici is a physicist, a writer and a media artist across the fields of soundscape, visual arts and installation. He lives and works between Berlin and the Ligurian Apennines. His works have appeared in several print and online publications, including «3:AM Magazine», «Otoliths», «Raum», «Sand», «Trafika Europe», «Magma Poetry», «Stadtsprachen Magazin», «The New Post-Literate», «Utsanga». His last asemic/concrete books are “The way I discovered the Berlin wall has fallen” and “Liner notes for a Pithecanthropus Erectus sketchbook”, with a foreword by SJ Fowler. With the soundscape Brief aus Treblinka, he is currently taking part in the installation “res.o.nant” by Mischa Kuball at the Jewish Museum in Berlin (2018-2019). Rolling archives: Personal page: