Studio Corners by Xavier Ovídio


Copyright 2018 Xavier Ovídio

He is a visual artist that would like to submit a series of drawings entitled “Studio Corners”, about the emptiness of the studio and its work. The images have the size of the drawings on the file name.

His work is concerned with material and formal explorations through different mediums, which culminates in an interdisciplinary approach. On my artistic process, he starts from analyzing and deconstructing specific thematics, embracing a responsive practice. Independently of the primordial intention and then the result or outcome of the process, he likes the fact that materials and objects can produce their own discourse and are open to multiple interpretations through the narrative which emerges through every encounter.

Xavier Ovídio (b.1989) is a Portuguese artist living and working in Lisbon. In 2008 he completed the specialized course in Artistic Production (Ceramics) at Antonio Arroio art school. He attended the first year of sculpture at FBAUL and, in 2014, he finished his Painting degree at the same University. During the third year, he completed one semester under the Erasmus Programme at the VUT University in Brno, (Czech Republic). He has exhibited at several venues in Portugal and abroad.