Fishbowl Daydream

Fishbowl Daydream

Drew Pisarra


Can a dead goldfish still swim

or does it drift around

round abandoned castles

and trailer park snails,

simply out of habit


And what of the fish alive,

does it measure time

in invisible ripples,

is it tirelessly circling  

in search of escape,

is it chasing its tail,

can it circle in sleep


And what of the fish that flies

or the fish with fries

or the fish with two eyes

on one side of its head

that surfs on the bed of the ocean

with both eyes looking up


I got a new office at work today.

The walls are glass.

And I can see everyone.


Drew Pisarra’s short story collection ‘Publick Spanking’ was published by Future Tense years ago. More recently, his one-act ‘Serves Three’ was produced off-off-Broadway. Concurrently, he has worked on the network digital content for such iconic TV shows as “Mad Men”, “Breaking Bad”, and “Rectify”.