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Imani BrooksAuthor: Imoni Brooks

Senior at Da Vinci Design High School

Honorable Mention Live Arts Contest | High School Poetry

I hate the city.

It’s a convenience for transportation and what not, but it’s not for me.

I crave adventure.

I crave the feeling and rush of exploration.

I want to walk barefoot in the woods, not caring about the small bits of bark that hitch a ride on the bottom of my feet or the small pain that comes when stepping on a brittle fall leaf.

I want to be able to find animals that hide deep in the bushes that no one cares to look in.

I want to get caught in a rainy forest storm and have to hide out in a nearby cave, only to find it occupied with a few bears.

I want to live up in the trees and make friends with the birds and the squirrels that come to visit.

I want to run with the lions and howl up with the wolves at the twinkling stars with the bright white moon in full glow.

I want to watch the spring sunlight crack through the small spaces of the trees and leaves, peeking in to tell me hello.

I want to walk through the nightmare colored forest, lit only by the pale moonlight and the stars.

I want to be who I feel as if I really am, not what they want me to be.

Imani Brooks is a 19 year old aspiring poet, writing poems since she was 9 years old. She runs a blog simply titled Imani’s Poetry Blog and is currently in her last few weeks of her senior year. When Imani isn’t writing poems, she’s reading books or fantasizing about traveling to far away places. For more of her poetry and more about her visit her Google+

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