Secrets of the House

kaleighAuthor: Kaleigh DePetro

Grade: 11th at Woodbridge Senior High School

2nd place Live Arts Contest



Secrets of the House


There are secrets in this house.

I can feel them whispering with every creak of the floor boards,

Paintings with wandering eyes.

Things that disappear,

Gone, without a trace.

I know things I shouldn’t,

Things that were locked up tight.

Secrets that escaped and ran to me.

If I could unlock the rest, we’d be free,

But this house would break

The very foundation consists of secrets.

Lies entangle the floorboards,

Stretched truths paint the hallways,

Terror blacks out the windows,

Tears cried hold us all prisoners

Trapped beneath our silent screams.

So we will never know our own strength.



live arts finalI am currently a junior at Woodbridge Senior High School. I have been in the Creative Writing program, which is part of the Center For Fine and Performing Arts (CFPA) since freshmen year, studying under Mrs. Cathy Hailey.  I also work on the school’s literary arts magazine, Eddas. Writing is something I love and hope to continue for the rest of my life.