Leaf in the Fall

Author: Lexi Baysinger

Year: Sophomore at Greenville College


Leaf in the Fall

It had been a good year. I still remember unfolding from the bud that I started out as on this wonderful oak tree. It was a good caregiver, my home tree. It provided just the right amount of water to help me maintain my emerald green color at the canopy of this tree, but it’s all coming to an end. My friends have started falling to the icy winds that shake the branches we cling to. I look down on them from my perch, high off the ground. I watch as they begin to lose the brilliant shades of green they once were. I mourn the loss of color as the world fades to brown. My day will come, soon home tree will fall asleep. Soon I will join my friends on the ground, left to be tread on by the next person who walks by on the trail. These people, they swoon at the beauty of the fall colors, but don’t think about my fallen friends. With a final gust of that frigid wind I lose my grip, my emerald color begins to fade as I drift towards my friends. This year is done at last. Fall is here and winter is coming.  Maybe next year I will get to be a pine needle and get to stay green all year round.


I’m from Belleville, Il where I grew up playing sports and writing stories. I want to use writing to see the world from new perspectives.